Sweet'N Low
Sweet'N Low

What are the ingredients of Sweet'N Low granulated sugar substitute?
In the United States, the ingredients of Sweet'N Low Brand granulated sugar substitute are nutritive dextrose, 3.6% saccharin (36 mg per packet), cream of tartar and calcium silicate (an anti-caking agent).

What is saccharin?
Saccharin is the sweetener in Sweet'N Low. It was discovered in late 1800 and has been used safely by people ever since. It is between 300 and 500 times sweeter than sugar. Please visit www.saccharin.org for more information.

What is dextrose and why is it added to Sweet'N Low?
Dextrose is a natural carbohydrate derived from corn. All sugar substitutes in powder form contain dextrose. Dextrose is used to dilute the very potent sweetener to make it measurable for consumers.

What sizes are available?
Sweet'N Low is available in boxes of 50, 100, 250, 500 and 1500 packets as well as in 8 oz bulk boxes, 3.2 oz brown boxes, and 8 oz liquid bottles.

It is available nationally in supermarkets, club stores and chain drugstores in the sugar substitute or baking aisles.

Who manufactures Sweet'N Low?
Cumberland Packing Corp. manufactures Sweet'N Low. Our Brooklyn, NY-based company also manufactures Butter Buds butter flavored granules, Sugar In The Raw turbinado sugar, and Nu-Salt sodium free salt substitute.

How can I get further information about Sweet'N Low and other sweeteners?
Please visit the Calorie Control Council web site (www.caloriecontrol.org) for in-depth information.

How long has Sweet'N Low been available?
Sweet'N Low was first introduced in 1957.

Do you make Sweet'N Low Brand cookies, candy, syrup, and cake and icing mixes?
Today there are both sugar free and low sugar food manufacturers licensed to use the Sweet'N Low brand name. Although the sweetening ingredients vary in these products, you can be assured that they meet our high standards of quality and taste.

Where can I find Sweet'N Low Brand candy?
Simply Lite Foods has the license to manufacture and sell the candies under the Sweet'N Low trademark. Please contact them directly for more information. You can also purchase it through our website, www.sweetnlow.com.

Simply Lite Foods Corp.
74 Mall Drive
Commack, NY 11725
Phone: 631-543-9600
Phone: 1-800-753-4282
Fax: 631-543-8268

Where can I find Sweet'N Low Brand cake and icing mixes?
Bernard Food Industries has the license to manufacture and sell the cake and icing mixes under the Sweet'N Low trademark. Please contact them directly for more information.

Bernard Food Industries, Inc.
1125 Hartrey Avenue
P. O. Box 1037
Evanston, IL 60202
Phone: 1-800-323-3663
Fax: 1-800-962-1546
Web: www.edietshop.com

Where can I find Sweet'N Low Brand syrup?
The syrup is currently in limited distribution. We are working to make it more available. In the meantime, you can call 800-325-5409 to order by mail or visit www.edietshop.com to order online.

 Is Sweet'N Low available for the military/in commissaries?
Military and Commissary Availability Worldwide:

Bisek and Company, Inc.
4873 South Oliver Dr., 2nd floor
PO Box 5527
Virginia Beach, VA 23471-0527
Phone: 757-460-0968
Fax: 757-460-2185

Web: www.bisek.com

Is Sweet'N Low safe?

Saccharin Gets Clean Bill of Health
Scientific Evidence Documents Safety of Saccharin
"We are pleased that the National Toxicology Program is removing saccharin from its list of cancer-causing substances. This announcement supports what we have known all along: saccharin is safe for human consumption," said Marvin Eisenstadt, president of Cumberland Packing Corp. "This decision based on careful review of extensive scientific evidence will give consumers additional confidence in Sweet'N Low, a product they have trusted for more than 40 years."

The Report on Carcinogens 9th report prepared by the National Toxicology Program was sent to Congress by the Department of Health and Human Services on May 15, 2000. The report, published every two years, identifies substances that are "known" or "reasonably anticipated" to cause cancer. Saccharin was removed from the list of substances "reasonably anticipated to be a human carcinogen."

Dr. Kenneth Olden, Director of the National Institute of Environmental Health Sciences and the National Toxicology Program said, "Two decades ago, when saccharin was shown to produce bladder tumors in rats, it was a prudent, protective step to consider the sweetener to be a likely human carcinogen. However, our understanding of the science has advanced and allows us to make finer distinctions today. Studies now indicate that the rat bladder tumors arise from mechanisms that are not relevant to the human situation. In addition, we have decades more data from observations of humans using saccharin that adds to our confidence. In other words, with better science we can now make a better call."

"For more than a century, people have been consuming saccharin," commented Dr. Abraham Bakal, Cumberland Packing Corp. "Scientific evidence compiled in the last 20 years clearly demonstrates the safety of saccharin. Leading health organizations including the World Health Organization, American Cancer Society, American Medical Association, American Dietetic Association and American Diabetes Association have acknowledged saccharin's safety and supported the continued availability of saccharin."

Is Sweet'N Low safe for pregnant and breast-feeding women?
Yes. Saccharin, the sweetener in Sweet'N Low, has been in use by humans for over 100 years, and its long established safety record clearly indicates that it is safe for pregnant women, the fetus, and infants. We recommend discussing this issue with a physician because women are advised to monitor their diet during pregnancy and while breastfeeding.

Is Sweet'N Low safe for children?
Yes. Sweet'N Low is safe for children and infants.

Is Sweet'N Low safe for people with diabetes?
Yes.  On the advice of a physician, Sweet'N Low may be useful in the diets of people with diabetes. Sweet'N Low contains one gram of carbohydrate and can be used in conjunction with food exchange programs. Health professionals believe that the small amount of carbohydrates in Sweet'N Low is nutritionally insignificant. Sweet'N Low Liquid contains zero carbohydrates.

Is Sweet'N Low safe for people with celiac disease?
Yes. Sweet'N Low is safe for people with celiac disease. Sweet'N Low contains no gluten, nor does it come into contact with glutinous products such as wheat during its manufacture.

Does Sweet'N Low contain gluten?
No. Sweet'N Low is gluten free and is suitable for consumption by individuals suffering from celiac disease.

Does Sweet'N Low contain aspartame?
No. In the United States, Sweet'N Low granulated sugar substitute does not contain aspartame. The sweetener in Sweet'N Low is saccharin.

Does Sweet'N Low contain the amino acid phenylalanine?
No. In the United States, Sweet'N Low granulated sugar substitute does not contain phenylalanine. Sweet'N Low is safe for phenylketonurics, people whose bodies cannot break down the essential amino acid, phenylalanine.

Does Sweet'N Low contain sodium?
No. Sweet'N Low is sodium-free.

How is saccharin handled by the body?
Saccharin is not metabolized by the body and is excreted from the body unchanged. The body does not need insulin for handling this sweetener.

How does the sweetness of Sweet'N Low compare to sugar?
One packet of Sweet'N Low is as sweet as two teaspoons of sugar. This makes Sweet'N Low 10 times sweeter than sugar by weight. One packet of Sweet'N Low weighs 1g.

What is the caloric content of Sweet'N Low?
Sweet'N Low granulated sugar substitute contains fewer than 4 calories per packet. According to the Food and Drug Administration's (FDA) labeling regulations, calorie content must be labeled as zero for products containing less than 5 calories per serving. Sweet'N Low Liquid, however, has absolutely zero calories.

What is the carbohydrate content of Sweet'N Low?
Sweet'N Low granulated sugar substitute contains 0.9 gram of carbohydrates per 1 gram packet. Sweet'N Low Liquid, however, contains absolutely zero carbohydrates.

What is the shelf life of Sweet'N Low granulated sugar substitute?
Sweet'N Low neither loses its sweetness nor decomposes during storage, which makes it safe to consume even after many years. It is recommended to store Sweet'N Low under cool and dry conditions. Storing the product in a hot and humid environment may result in caked and discolored product. However, the product will still maintain its sweetness and will be safe to consume.

Does using Sweet'N Low cause cavities?
The sweetener in Sweet'N Low, saccharin, was found not only to be non-cariogenic but to possess anticariogenic properties. Some of this research was carried out at the Dental School at Rutgers University and was confirmed in other institutions. Leading toothpastes contain saccharin to provide sweetness and flavor.

Does Sweet'N Low do tests on animals?
No. Cumberland Packing Corp., the manufacturer and distributor of Sweet'N Low, does not conduct any animal testing. Government agencies such as the FDA and EPA use test animals to determine the safety of foods and food additives. Our company is very concerned with the safety and well being of animals and we support various organizations who are engaged in the prevention of cruelty to animals.

Does using Sweet'N Low increase triglycerides?
No. There is no scientific evidence that consumption of Sweet' Low will have any impact on the triglycerides level.

Is it true that rinsing the hair with Sweet'N Low during coloring will reduce irritation?
There are stories in magazines and other publications reporting that Sweet'N Low can reduce irritation during hair coloring. Several hair stylists regularly use Sweet'N Low for this purpose. This action may be due to the pH buffering properties of the ingredients present in Sweet'N Low.


How is Sweet'N Low used to replace sugar in cooking and baking?
In recipes for sweetened sauces and beverages, all the sugar can be replaced with an equivalent amount of Sweet'N Low. Recipes for most baked goods require some sugar for proper volume and texture. For best results, experiment by substituting half the sugar in a recipe with the equivalent amount of Sweet'N Low, as shown in this chart:

Substitution ChartBulk        


2 tablespoons sugar = 1 teaspoon or 3 packets Sweet 'N Low


1/4 cup sugar = 2 teaspoons or 6 packets Sweet 'N Low


1/3 cup sugar = 2 1/2 teaspoons or 8 packets Sweet 'N Low


1/2 cup sugar = 4 teaspoons or 12 packets Sweet 'N Low


1 cup sugar = 8 teaspoons or 24 packets Sweet 'N Low

Please note that the substitution chart above is provided as a guide only. Use your own personal taste preferences to determine the amount of Sweet'N Low needed to provide the sweetness level you like.

How is Sweet'N Low used?
Sweet'N Low is ideal for tabletop use and dissolves easily in hot and cold beverages. Sweet'N Low can be used as an ingredient for most of your favorite recipes and is useful in cooking, baking, freezing, and preserving. Unlike other sugar substitutes, such as those that contain aspartame, Sweet'N Low does not lose its sweetness when it is heated, so there are no special processes required for substituting Sweet'N Low for sugar.


Why do so many Sweet'N Low recipes contain sugar?
Sugar provides two important functions in baking in addition to sweetness -- volume and moisture. Our Sweet'N Low recipes are designed to produce baked goods that taste delicious and have the perfect texture.


Is Sweet'N Low kosher?

Yes. Sweet'N Low is considered kosher and parve by the Union of Orthodox Rabbis. It is not considered kosher for Passover unless the package specifically indicates otherwise.